Woohoo – We did it!

Collaborate Out Loud started as a seed of an idea on 8 September 2016 in a Northern Quarter Coffee Shop and we are now an exciting new Community Interest Company.

“Collaborate Out Loud CIC creates surprising, simple and social spaces for public service innovation and flourishing”.

We exist to serve those delivering, participating and accessing public services to:

  • Challenge thinking, practice and leadership
  • Connect the unusual suspects across different boundaries
  • Create capacity and capability for change
  • Co-curate our collective wisdom and nurture communities to thrive
  • Co-create novel solutions that break all the rules and make a difference

Collaborate Out Loud’s Values:

  • Surprising – we do the unexpected. This might be bring in practice and thinking from unusual places or helping people to connect across unusual boundaries.
  • Social – we work out loud, share, work with others and connect with existing agendas and ideas. We lead with generosity, openness and trust
  • Simple – we know the world is complicated enough so we are easy to work with, straightforward and keep things as simple as we can, believing that less can be mo

This site is a space for collaborating out loud and living and breathing collaboration in a generous and impactful way. We want everyone to be part of it!