The 11 Principles our communities embrace to get stuff done in the real world

Over the last year and a bit we have spent lots of time learning about what makes collaboration work. At the heart of this are the communities that have been emerging.

We wanted to share our curation of what our communities have learnt. We would love to hear what you think……

Collaborate Out Loud is all about creating surprising, simple and social shared spaces between the formal and informal and this is what we have learnt so far about how this happens…….

  • Embrace and harness the energy and magic of difference and the crowd
  • Create surprising, simple, and social spaces between the formal structures and informal networks
  • Spend time building a community, trust, and a shared intent where people bring their whole selves
  • Embrace the principles of transparency, democracy, and openness
  • Be social, share with generosity and kindness
  • Work on real and often complex challenges collaboratively, sense making through meaningful conversations
  • Borrow learning and thinking from anywhere and everywhere to learn collectively
  • Co-create novel solutions and ideas to tackle collective challenge
  • Rapidly test ideas and iterate them together
  • Work out loud as you go — attributing ideas and inspirations
  • Spread the best ideas (as well as the learning from what didn’t work) far and wide

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